Commercial Locksmith dc

If finding a reliable commercial locksmith seems to be a daunting task for you, we are ready to prove it wrong!

Finding the right commercial locksmith is the mission of every business owner. It is because commercial properties are much prone to thefts and burglary. We, at DC Locksmith, specialize in providing complete lock and key solutions to commercial properties.  

Do count on us when there’s any issue related to the lock and key system of your business. We provide unparallel cutting edge solutions in the industry with a backup service of regular inspection and upgradation as well.

Our commercial locksmith services include:

    • 1.Master keying; single user keying system that can reduce the chances of unwanted intrusion
    • 2.Rekeying; in case you lost it or misplaced it elsewhere
    • 3.Upgrading the existing lock and key system; one of the vital requirements
    • 4.Customized access control; in case there are more than one user
    • 5.High security keys for the important rooms in your office, especially the ones with documents and lockers
    • 6.Restricted keys with high end security techniques
    • 7.Safe servicing and re-installation, if and when required